Case Studies and Testimonials
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    Bee's Wrap
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    Fischer Skis
  • Shacksbury-Case-Image-1200
    Shacksbury Cider
  • Opinel-Case-Image-1200
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  • North Street Bags Case Image
    North St. Bags
What our clients say about us:
“Let’s put it this way: we couldn’t have found better partners to help us raise awareness in the United States. The team is resourceful, reliable and fully dedicated. They understand the challenges faced by a European brand in the American market. Press Forward is a cornerstone of Opinel’s success!’”

– Alex Delecroix
US Brand Manager, Opinel


“I’ve worked extensively with Press Forward as they have helped with many pr and social media tasks for They have done everything from work with sports stars to help manage the twitter feed for a global rally that CNN called ‘the most widespread day of political activity in the planet’s history.’”

– Bill McKibben


“We work with Press Forward on PR, including press outreach, email marketing and social media management. They are professional, creative and an amazing support team with close at hand ideas to bolster our rapidly growing company and far reaching ideas to plan for the future. Their efforts have pushed us into the view of many across the country and beyond.”

– Sarah Kaeck
Founder, Bee’s Wrap

“Press Forward has proved to be a great partner for Julbo. Not your average PR firm by far, they bring energy, passion and a little out of the box thinking to every project which gets results and sets their work apart.”

– Nick Yardley
CEO, Julbo Eyewear USA