Velocio started from a place different than any cycling clothing brand. With help from Press Forward, Velocio aimed to offer high end product without the sharp elitism common in cycling circles. The Velocio tagline, “Let’s Look at This Differently,” marks their call to action from a product focus—their offering is made responsibly and holds the goal of making the cycling experience better for its customers. The same tagline also calls out the dominant paradigm in cycling which, with its traditional European origins, is too often fussy, male-centric and closed off . Building bright images, welcoming language and aiming at a press presence that celebrated these differences, Press Forward successfully launched Velocio into cycling’s consciousness.

“Beautiful design meets high performance in this elegant new clothing line (mostly) for women.”

“While Velocio is no longer a women’s exclusive brand they continue to—admirably—place women at the forefront of their identity, a rarity in the cycling world.”
—Bicycle Times