We all remember the pure magic of the first time we learned to ride a bike—the sense of wonder and excitement as we gained our fir st taste of freedom. As children, bikes are a source of play; as adults, we turn to bicycles for recreation , fitness, and transportation. Boulder-based PeopleForBikes works to ensure there are places for bikes for all of us.

PeopleForBikes is both a coalition of bicycle retailers and suppliers and a charitable foundation. You can find P eopleForBikes walking the halls of Congress, where they advocate on behalf of more bike-friendly communities, and working in your community, where they help local leaders find t he resources they need to make their bike dreams a reality.

Through the Big Jump Program, the organization is helping 10 communities across the country double or even triple the number of bike riders by developing connected and easy-to-use bike networks.

At Press Forward we are proud to give their 1.2 million members a voice across media platforms, garnering hits in Outside Magazine, Politico, Bicycling, and others. We collaborate with PeopleForBikes to hone their message, tell their story, and identify opportunities for amplifying their voice.