Long before the trend of small independent ski manufacturers stamping out skis in garages and industrial parks, well in advance of the recent push into the alpine backcountry, well before the advance of entire techniques of skiing, Fischer has been an iconoclast in the ski world. The Austrian maker remains independently owned and as a result creates skis that don’t conform to expectations. The world market leader in cross country skis and a heavyweight race favorite, Fischer has more results on the World Cup than its next two competitors combined. The longstanding ski test editor of Skiing magazine recently commented, “Fischer makes amazing product. Period.” The marriage of its Nordic lightweight expertise and its alpine race carving history is setting a new standard for lightweight backcountry, all against a backdrop of sustainable manufacturing (all of Fischer’s factories run on 100% renewable energy) and a design process that takes the product from tree to ski to unbelievable skiing experience after unbelievable skiing experience.

“(The Ranger 98) is the ideal freeride tool for all conditions. East to West.”—Powder Magazine

“(The Ranger 98) is an aggressive rocket that vaporizes crud. Once on edge, it hangs on.”—Outside Magazine

Press Forward work with Fischer includes athlete media training, content creation, social media management, press outreach and product placement.

Fischer employs a tree-to-ski ethic in its creation. All factories run on 100 percent renewable energy and produce minimal waste.