Meet Press Forward

When I left a career in journalism earlier this year to team up with Press Forward, I joked along with colleagues who quipped that I was going to the “dark side.” It’s a familiar trope in back-and-forth between journo hacks and PR flacks. While I’m sure that some PR gigs might qualify for the moniker, I knew something was different with Press Forward.

At Press Forward, we excel in public relations and advertising. We craft thoughtful, precise content and copy. We bring a strategic eye to communications and brand strategy. We ask the right questions. We go deep with the companies with whom we work, and help our clients articulate who they are and why they matter.

For example, Press Forward is upending gender norms in the sports apparel industry work with Velocio Apparel. We’re collaborating with companies on crafting B-corporation statements. We’re educating press and consumers about the agricultural roots of Shacksbury Cider. Among our first bits of work was athlete outreach on behalf of We’re members of the Conservation Alliance and 1% for the Planet, organizations that funnel much-needed dollars to environmental change. Finally, through our advertising partner, Cliques Ads, we support cycling advocacy through World Bicycle Relief and climate change advocacy through Protect Our Winters.

Our team prides itself on forging authentic, passionate connections with our clients. We’re partners, not shills. I was intrigued by Press Forward’s commitment to outdoor sport, wellness and sustainability. And I was heartened that, with my addition to the team, our firm is deepening its commitment to sustainability in business. As the sustainable accounts manager, I’m working closely with businesses in the energy, sustainable lifestyle and food and agriculture sectors. I’m taking the same skills I treasured as a journalist — clear-eyed communication; inquisitiveness; and the ability to spot and tell a good story — and working from the inside out to help companies that are doing good in the world.